Welcome to HippaWare!

Welcome to HippaWare!

Scalability Tools for the Modern Firm

Scalability Tools for the Modern Firm
HippaWare is an online platform designed to enable insurance firms to manage a higher volume of clientele quickly and accurately.
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What We Do

Insurance brokers, brokerage firms, enrollment firms, third party administrators (TPAs), and reinsurers alike can leverage the HippaWare platform to handle all aspects of managing and adding new clientele. For instance, HippaWare seamlessly handles:

check_circle_outline Complex paperwork (RFP's and Quote Comparisons - it does the math for users)
check_circle_outline Compliance (getting all required contracts and documents completed on time and notifying users when something is not in place)
check_circle_outline Client communication (Claims Tracking, to-do list action items, and call logs allowing users to show their client how much they are doing, creating trust and retention)

By automating workflow processes, HippaWare ensures checks and balances are accounted for by assigning, tracking, completing, and verifying critical data and tasks. For firms, this means an added layer of security when it comes to quoting, complex compliance issues, documentation, customer data, installation, maintenance, renewals, and customer service.


loyalty Customers

  • Mobile Ready CRM Application
  • Customer Profile
  • Customer Quote & Claims Tracking

  • store Vendors

  • Mobile Ready CRM Application
  • Contract Tracking
  • Quote & Claims Tracking

  • people Brokers/Agencies

  • Mobile Ready CRM Application
  • Secure File repository
  • Licensing & Broker of Record Tracking

  • list To-Do Lists

  • Project Management Tools
  • Deadline Alerts
  • Valuation of Work Performed

  • person Health Apps

  • Self-funded Group Quoting
  • Secure Two-factor Authentication
  • Paper & Electronic Forms

  • all_inclusive Call Log/Claims Tracking

  • Application Uploading
  • Time/Cost Validation
  • Customer Request Tracking

  • work Contracts

  • Compliance Tools
  • Lifecycle Status
  • Custom Settings
  • Finalize Document Upload

  • view_quilt Reports

  • Overdue Items
  • Mailing Lists
  • Summary Reports
  • Customizable Colors

  • Products

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    phone Phone: (540) 283-0835
    email E-mail: admin@hippaware.com
    mail_outline Mailing Address: PO Box 3185 Roanoke, VA 24015, USA


    "Hippaware is the difference between an afternoon of sorting, collating and reviewing individually provided health data or less than an hour of unencumbered review."
    - Byrd Preston, Vice President of Underwriting, Bardon Insurance Group
    "The Hippaware individual health forms are detailed and provide all the necessary information for proper underwriting, but what's even better is that those health statements are condensed to a summary sheet detailing any conditions of concern that appear within the actual health statements themselves. This has been extremely helpful throughout the busy season as it allows the underwriter to review health statements and adjust risk on the fly. From an underwriting perspective, Hippaware adds tremendous value in terms of processing and analysis timelines. Using the condensed RFP submissions allows me to get quotes out quickly and efficiently."
    - Steven Nasso, Underwriter, Medical Risk Managers
    "For Brokers, TPAs, and Reinsurers: This intuitive, and easy to operate workflow system, simplifies difficult and time-consuming tasks, like collecting and processing health applications. The team at HippaWare recognizes these difficulties and helps to make this an easier process for their clients. EnrollPad has been very impressed with the level of service from HippaWare and the professionalism of their staff. Alecia is a wonderful person who has amazing communication, problem solving, technology, and leadership skills. I recommend her as a key asset to any agency or broker in the insurance industry. Alecia has an amazing program that puts other CRMs to shame. If you are in the insurance industry and you don't know Alecia, you should reach out to her to learn how valuable she can be to you and your organization."
    - Michael W. Berube, Founder, EnrollPad
    "I use HippaWare's system to track quoting in self-funded, fully insured, and ancillary group benefit quoting. The cool thing is HippaWare is already set up with PHQs for self-funding underwriting in the under 100 market and tracks from multiple TPAs. Because it works as a CRM system you can have renewals, contacts and a lot more in it. The best thing is that the system is intuitive and easy to use for someone who is computer/technology challenged. I was able to start using the system immediately with only 30 minutes of training, because it made sense with how I have worked for the past 30 years."
    - Glenn Dunehew, VP of Sales, OptiMed
    "To find a lifelong friend through work is not an uncommon occurrence. What is, however, is Alecia Nash's command of subject matter in the employee benefit through insurers and broker/TPAs. Alecia is able to quickly 'connect the dots' and looks at the broad spectrum of an issue from a business sense while at the same time focusing on the end user before most people who I know in our field would silo their thoughts to their area of expertise." "My company, our clients, and personally I possess tremendous reverence for Alicia's ease of access, knowledge, and assistance in always working in the why and how. Whether she is evangelizing her academic achievements, veteran service, music and trivia prowess, or healthcare career she is showing her "why and how." When we as people can understand why we're working together and how are we going to solve issues passionately and intelligently."
    - Jason Ketner